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"Favorable results for homeowners at risk for foreclosure"
If you are a homeowner in need of defending yourself against a mortgage foreclosure, the best advice DeSocio & Fuccio can give its clients is to act promptly in dealing with the situation. Naturally, human nature is often to ignore the situation and hope events will occur down the road which will somehow "save the day". A new job opportunity, an anticipated bonus or tax refund or some other event will happen to allow the homeowner to get current on the mortgage. Unfortunately, however, these events rarely occur and even if they do it is too little too late.

The answer to dealing with this is to deal with it immediately. The longer the default is allowed to exist the worse the situation gets like the proverbial snowball rolling downhill. Like most diseases, if it is ignored it will only get worse. If it is dealt with early on there is a much higher chance for success.
Therefore, if a homeowner is served with foreclosure papers, it is strongly urged they immediately consult an attorney to serve an answer in a timely way. This will preserve the homeowner's rights and afford more time and a better opportunity to perhaps work out a modification agreement. If the homeowner fails to answer the foreclosure papers, the action will proceed without them and proceed much quicker. Also, it affords the attorney time to investigate both the loan itself and the foreclosure process to ensure the lender has acted in accordance with proper lending practices and foreclosure proceedings.

The lawyers at DeSocio & Fuccio have successfully modified defaulted mortgages with lenders on behalf of homeowners and in some cases been successful in setting aside or reducing mortgages that were either improper in the first place or didn't follow proper procedure¹. In any event, the lawyers at DeSocio & Fuccio will aggressively and vigorously defend your rights against "bully" banks.

​Each case is different and past performance does not guarantee future results.
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