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DeSocio & Fuccio engages in both litigation and transactional law.

The law firm of DeSocio & Fuccio, P.C. offers full service in the areas of Real Estate Law. Our experience ranges from representing buyers and sellers of single family homes to representing developers constructing multi unit condominiums. The firm has drafted condominium plans and represented sellers and buyers of condominiums and cooperative apartments. We have represented buyers and sellers of commercial real estate and have represented residential and commercial tenants and landlords in lease negotiations and eviction proceedings. We have represented homeowners and business owners in zoning matters including court challenges to Zoning Board of Appeals decisions. We have represented homeowners against unscrupulous and un-licensed home improvement contractors and have represented licensed contractors and builders. The attorneys in this firm have represented lenders in mortgage transactions. The firm has represented borrowers in commercial and consumer mortgage transactions and has negotiated construction loans and mortgages. We have defended mortgage foreclosure actions and have obtained mortgage modifications for clients¹. The firm has also prosecuted mortgage foreclosures. The law firm of DeSocio & Fuccio, P.C. also has experience in construction law. We have prosecuted and defended mechanic’s lien foreclosures. We have represented builders and material suppliers in actions seeking payment. We have defended owners and contractors in actions brought under the “safe place to work” provisions of the Labor Law.

The firm regular works with estates/estate planning, both in drafting and implementing estate plans as well as extensively litigating disputed estates. 

Additionally, the firm has extensive experience in family law/divorce. The firm has represented spouses in complex divorce cases involving contentious equitable distribution, spousal maintenance and child care issues. We understand that cases of this nature require sensitivity but also firm representation. We take care to keep our clients updated throughout the process, including timely responses to all calls and questions.

The firm also has great experience in business and commercial law. We have represented businesses in their formation, operation, and dissolution. We have dealt with partnership issues, lease issues, accounts receivable and payable issues.
We have also represented a publicly traded organization as it developed and marketed its product to hospital and health care providers. 

Finally, the firm branch operates as a law firm concentrating in serving the retail, medical and dental industries in the collection of debt; we are familiar with the government rules and regulations. Our computers and staff are specifically set up to take all actions as is necessary to collecting your debt. They are prepared to enforce collection of your debt in every court in the country, from local town justice courts to the Supreme Court of New York. In enforcing collection of your account receivables our staff is trained and instructed to be sensitive to the rights of the debtor and to avoid undue confrontations or negative publicity to your company. As a collection law firm, not a collection agency, we have tools at our disposal unavailable to mere collection agencies. Additionally, as attorneys, we are duty bound to adhere to strict cannons of ethics in the handling of your accounts and enforcement of your rights.

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